• 1087 Veterans Memorial Hwy Mableton, GA 30126 USA
  • (770) 895 2981
  • Meetings:  Third Friday of every month

Who we are

Brothers Club is a 501(c)3 organization, hence donation is tax deductible.


Our Mission

    • Brothers Club Inc,  was formed by Nigerians in USA to pursue a practical model of development, create awareness and encourage participation in the community. Brother’ Club is organized exclusively as a club and charitable organization which shall pursue a pragmatic set of programs predicated on upholding the truth, integrity and upliftment of mankind.
      Our members are professionals in their respective fields, mostly married men of great character and morals, well respected in the community. We are NOBLE AND HONORABLE MEN.
      Our goals include:
      Networking amongst members and friends
    • Support education by donations of school supplies to kids here in USA and back home in Nigeria
    • Yearly charity events and visits to different needy homes
    • Financial assistance to members where necessary through our personal contributions
    • Organize fundraising activities, create endowment fund, seek grants and donations to support the club
    • To build a strong tie and encourage a high level of moral conduct for our community.
    • To help patronize and encourage one another in all honest endeavors
    • Promote Peace

Brothers Club is a 501(c)3 organization, hence donation is tax deductible.

Our Vision

To make a difference here (USA), at home(Nigeria) and around the world through community services, professional & business fellowships and to make an impact to society through our different outreach programs.

Brother’s club has a yearly outreach project we call “Back to School Picnic” where we bring families together to have fun and we distribute various school supplies to school children from Pre-K to College. Lots food are served for free. We do these through our small individual members contributions as much as our personal finances allows us to. Brothers club could and can use some financial help/donation to make this bigger and broader. Donors would be appreciated.

Based on the fact that our visions and goals are the main focus of our organization, a vision committee was formed to come up with a blueprint of a structured long-term projects that will be of benefit to the members and our community. Brothers club is working towards having our own “club house” where members and friends could relax, network and mix up with each other to discuss business and enhance life. Our club house will also feature indoor and outdoor games and sport. It will also be a place for good entertainment in music, local and continental delicacies. We surely could use donations to enable us to achieve this great vision of ours. Please donate as your spirit leads.
Below are the summary of the noble goals and objectives of Brothers Club Inc:
For members,
Reaching out to our members in need
Supporting our members at specific social events recommended by the club
Reaching out to our state representatives and providing support for the benefit of the people in our communities
Our communities in USA
Helping the underprivileged within our counties
Donation of school supplies to school children from Pre K – College
Our communities in Nigeria  
Helping the local school in members villages
Reading out to the local government and providing our support for the benefit of the people
Helping the needy in our local government .